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Create a Calmer Lifestyle

Join this webinar - exclusive to Jellybeans!


Are you ready to be the cool, calm and collected parent that you have always wanted to be?

You know you want to be able to stay calm and yell less, but have no clue where to begin.

You feel guilty about how often you yell at your children and wish you were able to just stay calm!

Join me for this free one-hour webinar (exclusive to Jellybeans' parents, carers and educators) and learn four tools to help you on your parenting journey!

I will show you four key tools (that I have embedded into my daily life) to help you enjoy your parenting and start living your calmer life.

     - You will understand why you yell so much (and that it might not actually be your fault!)

     - You will be able to remain calm, even in the face of a screaming toddler

     - You will be kinder to yourself

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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About Nina

Hi, I'm Nina, mum to three loud and crazy little boys (you've probably met them all at Jellybeans at some point) and Certified Mindful Parenting Coach.

Two years ago, I was a struggling mama who was feeling run down, exhausted and fed up with this 'mum life'. I was sick of my kids not listening to me, sick of them fighting, and sick of the all the yelling coming out of my mouth. I realised that something needed to change.

I enrolled in the Mindful Parenting Course and saw changes in both myself and my kids almost immediately.

Life is easier, quieter and calmer.

I am more aware of my myself and my triggers. I can actually talk about my emotions.

I am able to pause before reacting to a difficult situation, calm myself down and consider it from all angles before reacting

I feel more confident in my ability to raise calm, confident, empathetic, kind and compassionate children.

I really hope that in this short webinar, I can pass on some of the tools that I have embedded into my daily life and routine, which have equipped me to get back into the groove of parenting, to stay calmer for longer, and to enjoy this wild ride we call parenting…..

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