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These cards bring joy and purpose into your day through positive affirmations. They are the perfect tool to start your day with an optimistic intentions. Simply shuffle the card deck, choose a card, and repeat the affirmation phrase.


The cards can be used how ever you see fit. A great way to use them is as a part of your morning routine. Giving the deck a shuffle and picking a card each morning sets a positive outlook on your day ahead. The entire family can get involved and pick their own card too.

Daily Affirmation Cards For Kids



    • Enhance mood
    • Train brain to focus on the good in life


    • This deck has been designed for children, but in reality anyone of any age will benefit from these Daily Affirmation Cards.
    • The deck includes 20 individual coloured cards with unique positive thinking affirmations on each card.
    • You will receive the cards and a wooden card stand, in an organza draw string bag for safe keeping.

    Shipping costs are based on weight of items and start from $9.70. 

    If you live in the Perth Metropolitan area you can arrange to pick up your items from Mindful Parenting Lifestyle.

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