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Embark on a voyage of self-discovery and mindfulness with our "Mindful Explorer's Journey Kit." This carefully crafted bundle brings together four captivating tools designed to foster mindfulness, creativity, and emotional well-being in children of all ages.


Item 1: DIY Calm Down Bottle Dive into the world of sensory play and relaxation as you create your own mesmerizing DIY Calm Down Bottle. Watch as the swirling contents gently descend, helping young ones calm their breath, self-regulate, and enhance focus. Ideal for reducing anxiety, stress, and busting boredom, this sensory bottle provides an open-ended journey of exploration and creativity.


Item 2: Mindfulness Magic Ball Introduce the magic of mindfulness with our expandable Mindfulness Magic Ball. A fun and engaging tool that turns mindfulness practice into a delightful activity, making it perfect for home, classrooms, and daycare centers. Externalize feelings, increase mindfulness, and experience the calming effects of mindful breathing with this unique addition.


Item 3: Book "Charlie's Mindful Adventures by the Sea" Join Charlie and Alexis on a mindful adventure to the sea with the beautifully illustrated book "Charlie's Mindful Adventures by the Sea." Discover mindfulness in action as Charlie teaches the art of using mindful tools to stay present and regulate emotions. This book is a valuable resource for teaching mindfulness techniques, fostering a connection to nature, and promoting overall well-being.


Item 4: ABCs of Mindfulness Colouring Book Pull out the "ABCs of Mindfulness" coloring book anywhere, anytime, for a moment of pause, relaxation, and focus. This stunning hardcover coloring book features 26 beautifully illustrated pages with poems (from A-Z) to introduce your child to the magical world of mindfulness. Mindful & Co Kids have made mindfulness fun, creative, and easy with this resource, enhancing fine motor development, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, concentration, and creativity.


Embrace the power of mindfulness, self-awareness, and positivity with our "Mindful Explorer's Journey Kit." This bundle is a gateway to a world of self-discovery, creativity, and emotional well-being. Whether you're exploring the wonders of sensory play, practicing mindful breathing, reading about mindful adventures, or embracing the calming effects of colouring, this kit has something special for everyone.


Add the "Mindful Explorer's Journey Kit" to your cart today and set sail on a transformative journey of mindfulness and self-discovery with your child.

Mindful Explorer's Journey Kit

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