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Five little-known secrets
to help you keep your calm.

eBook cover "5 little known secrets to help you keep you calm"

The Essential FREE Guide for all parents on how to handle difficult parenting moments with calm and grace, instead of anger and yelling!

😣 You've done it again. You've lost it at your kids. You don't understand WHY you can't keep calm and talk to your children a 'normal' person! Why do you always end up yelling???

😊Well don't worry, I've got your back.


🤫These five little known secrets to help you keep your calm will do just that - help you keep your calm. 

😇From the moment the difficult situation arises to the when life has returned back to normal, these five steps will change how you react, and act, in these difficult situations so that you can be the cool calm and connected parent you have always wanted to be.

Mum of 3 & 5 year old

"This guide is beautiful! I struggle keeping my calm and often lose it with my kids, especially one who has ADHD - I feel like a terrible mum most of the time. Nina shares excellent tips in a heartfelt and non-judgmental way. I highly recommend this PDF"

A little bit about me....
Calm mum Nina holding a singing bowl

Hi, I'm Nina, a mindful mum to three loud little boys, and a certified Mindful Parenting Coach.

I can totally appreciate how tough parenting is - two years ago, I was a struggling mama who was feeling run down, exhausted and fed up with this 'mum life'.

I was sick of my kids not listening to me, sick of them fighting, and sick of the all the yelling coming out of my mouth.

I felt guilty every single night. Feeling like I had let myself down, let my kids down. Feeling bad about my ‘poor parenting decisions’. Not knowing how I was ever going to get out of this continual rut of guilt, yelling and negativity.

I realised that something needed to change so I enrolled in a Mindful Parenting Course - the very same course that I am now certified to teach to other parents!

This program has had such a profound impact on my life and had such a positive impact on me and my family that I just have to share some of the little known secrets that I have learnt with other parents.

This essential guide will introduce you to some of the skills and tool to allow you keep your calm for longer and build strong connected relationships with your children - I am so excited to share them with you!​

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