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Nina Visic Mindful Parenting Coach

Mindful Parenting!

At Mindful Parenting Lifestyle we strive to help parents and children build a strong foundation to be better able to manage their emotions, develop empathy, confidence and create a positive outlook.


We empower parents to make positive steps in their parenting journey through a framework of mindfulness, awareness, self-compassion and skilfull communication.

Parents will

  • find the confidence and calmness needed to help raise grounded, kind and empathetic children.

  • develop strong and satisfying relationships with their children based on mutual respect rather than ‘obedience at all costs’.

Through this framework we aim to transform the pattern of parenting for future generations.

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The Essential FREE Guide for all parents on how to handle difficult parenting moments with calm and grace, instead of anger and yelling!

From the moment the difficult situation arises to the when life has returned back to normal, these five steps will change how you react, and act, in these difficult situations so that you can be the cool calm and connected parent you have always wanted to be.

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A monthly family membership that gives you the skills and knowledge to be a cool, calm and connected mum, while also helping your kids better manage their big emotions.

How can we help?

Sharna, mum of a 4 year old

"Nina is an amazing facilitator and has wonderful insight into all areas of mindful parenting"

A little bit about me....
Nina Visic Mindful Parenting Coach holding a cup of coffee

I'm Nina, mum to three loud and rambunctious little boys. I'm also a certified Mindful Parenting Coach and Head and Heart Mindfulness Instructor.

I can totally appreciate how tough parenting is - two years ago, I was a struggling mama who was feeling run down, exhausted and fed up with this 'mum life'.

I began my mindfulness journey when my youngest was born, almost 3 years ago. I went from being stressed out, overwhelmed and quick to anger, to being cool, calm and connected to my kids.


I love being able to share mindfulness with my boys, teaching them the skills to be able to regulate their emotions (like I have done) has to be one of the most satisfying lessons to pass on to them.

I am so excited to have this opportunity to share these same benefits of mindfulness with you and your family!

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