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Join me for a
FREE 5 Day
Mindfulness Challenge!

5 Days to a Calmer You!

Join me for just 10 minutes a day and see yourself TRANSFORM after 5 days!

Do you constantly feel like a screaming hot mess and can't understand why this parenting gig is so damn hard?

Are you overwhelmed? Yelling more at your kids than you'd like to admit? Sick of all the angry feelings swirling inside of you?

I know exactly how you feel - because I was there my friend! 


But you know what? Things can change!

I am here to show you how you can get your-calm-self back! You can become the cool, calm and connected parent that you always dreamed you would be - the elusive zen parent!

Join me for this FREE 5-day mindfulness challenge and see for yourself the positive changes that occur for yourself and your family.


In just 5 days I can take you on a mindfulness journey that will leave you

  • calmer

  • more patient

  • actually yelling less.


Added bonus - your kids will be calmer, more patient, and actually yelling less too!


What have you got to lose? 

I'll guide you every step the way.


Each morning I'll send you a short mindfulness practice (no more than 10 minutes) for you to complete in your own time - it's that easy! 

The best part?

Your kids can even join in too.

AND you'll receive bonus mindful videos (no more than 5 minutes) throughout the week so you can understand why these practices are so effective.

Begin your mindfulness journey NOW, and who knows, in five days time, you might be a different person?

The meditation made me a lot calmer and a lot more patient. I feel I have a lot more patience and a lot more tolerance. My husband has noticed that too, so it is obviously shining through in all aspects.

I feel a lot calmer when dealing with the kids, and they definitely seem to calm down quicker too!

Andrew, dad of 3

Erin, mum of 2

I had my first real experience of meditation and enjoyed it so much, especially the feeling of calmness and clarity that it has given me.

Claire, mum of 2

I have seen a big difference in my 4-year-old. She is not escalating as much, and she is calmer. If I am calmer, she feeds of that and is calmer as well.

Chiara, mum of 2

About me

A little bit about my journey....
When I first heard about mindfulness, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical.
I'd dabbled in meditation and mindfulness in the past, but never taken it too seriously.
Once I decided to commit to a regular mindfulness practice, I saw the benefits almost straight away, it was actually insane!

Mindful Parenting Coach Nina holds a singing bowl

I felt calmer within myself, and as a result, was able to be calmer with my kids.
I initially started out with only three minutes of meditation a day, that was it, three minutes. I remember thinking during my first meditation, 'uggh, how much longer to go...' and it was a real struggle to not look at my watch.
But you know what? I did it without sneaking a glance. I got through that first meditation and the next, and the next. And by the end of the first week, I was actually looking forward to my nightly meditation, and even pushed the time out to 5 minutes!

I would love for you to experience your calmer self too - and it doesn't always have to be a formal sitting meditation. Mindfulness is simply setting the intention to pay attention to the present moment with kindness and curiosity. Mindfulness practice can occur during the most mundane of daily tasks (anyone want to wash some dishes?).

I hope you will join me in what could be the first step to a calmer and more grounded YOU!

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