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Introducing the....

Big Feelings Masterclass

Helping you and your child to manage big feelings - before, during and afterwards.

We all experience ‘big feelings’ moments - not just our children. This short course is designed to teach positive strategies that help both you and your child manage those big feelings.

You’ll start by learning steps that help you keep yourself calm when your child is having a ‘big feelings’ moment. Then, I’ll show you how to help your child understand their own emotions and self-regulate – before, during and after their ‘big feelings’ moment.

Together as a family, you’ll all be able to manage your big feelings, letting you live the calmer life you’ve always dreamt of (with a lot less yelling!)

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Mum of 4 year old

"Nina is an amazing facilitator and has wonderful insight into all areas of mindful parenting.... she has exceptional knowledge and wisdom to help manage the chaos that is parenting, and just life in general.”

This masterclass is for you my friend!

Do you wake up every morning determined to be the calm, compassionate and centred parent you want to be, but quickly end up feeling more like Oscar the Grouch?

You want to keep calm and help your child when they are upset, but you just can’t stay calm enough yourself, let alone help them understand what they are experiencing. 

This short course will show you steps to keep yourself calm during a ‘big feelings’ moment, and strategies to empower your child to understand their emotions and self-regulate – before, during and after the moment has occurred. Strategies that they can use over and over again, throughout their childhood.

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Key Features

Three short, sharp and snappy 15-20 minute lessons that you can watch, or listen to, in the comfort of your own home (or in the car, on your morning walk). You’re a busy parent who needs to learn fast!


You will learn: 

  1. What do to during the 'big feelings' moment.

  2. What do to before and after the 'big feelings' moment.

  3. The #1 way to help with self regulation – learn the skills of mindfulness and heartfulness with your child and enjoy a lovely guided meditation, to help you both learn firsthand tools for managing big feelings.

Videos are available with captions, or you can listen to the audio recording - whichever is easier for you!

What’s included?

When you purchase the course, you will gain instant access to the three videos which you can watch in your own time.

Bonus materials available in the Mindful Parenting Lifestyle member portal.



Create an account to become a Mindful Parenting Lifestyle member (with bonuses!) and then you can go straight to the purchase page.

You will receive an email link to access the course straight away!

Nina Visic Mindful Parenting Coach holding a cup of coffee
About Me

Hi, I'm Nina, mindful mum to three loud and crazy little boys, Certified Mindful Parenting Coach and Head and Heart Mindfulness Instructor.

Just over two years ago, I was a struggling mama who was feeling run down, exhausted and fed up with this 'mum life'. I was sick of my kids not listening to me, sick of them fighting, and sick of the all the yelling coming out of my mouth. I realised that something needed to change.

I enrolled in the Mindful Parenting Course and saw changes in both myself and my kids almost immediately.


Life is easier, quieter and calmer.


I am more aware of my myself and my triggers. I can actually talk about my emotions.


I am able to pause before reacting to a difficult situation, calm myself down and consider it from all angles before reacting


I feel more confident in my ability to raise calm, confident, empathetic, kind and compassionate children.

Becoming a Head and Heart Mindfulness Instructor has added another layer  to what I do, both in my family and my business. I love being able to share mindfulness with my boys, teaching them the skills to be able to regulate their emotions (like I have done) has to be one of the most satisfying lessons to pass on to them.


I look forward to the opportunity to share my mindfulness with you and your kids. This magic superpower which  I have embedded into my daily life and routine, which has equipped me to get back into the groove of parenting, to stay calmer for longer, and to enjoy this wild ride we call parenting…..



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