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Discover the Path to Mindful Parenting Foundations Mastery

Unlock the secrets to a calmer and more connected parenting journey with our Mindful Parenting Foundations Mastery Bundle.


This exclusive bundle combines two transformative masterclasses, the

"Big Feelings Masterclass" and the "Calmer Lifestyle Masterclass."


Gain valuable insights, practical tools, and expert guidance to empower yourself as a parent and create a harmonious family environment.

Mindful mum holding breathing ball
Mother and daughter form a heart shape with their two hands

The "Calmer Lifestyle Masterclass" takes you on a journey to

  • Create a balanced and nurturing environment at home.

  • Learn mindfulness practices to reduce stress and enhance well-being.

  • Establish healthy boundaries, manage time effectively, and

  • Discover self-care strategies for personal growth and emotional well-being."

In the "Big Feelings Masterclass," you'll learn:

  • How to navigate your child's big emotions with grace and understanding.

  • Gain insights into their development and effective strategies to support them.

  • Cultivate self-awareness as a parent and

  • Create a safe space for emotional expression.

Mother and daughter watch Big Feelings Masterclass on a laptop


Individually, each masterclass is priced at $37. However, you can access both masterclasses in the Mindful Parenting Foundations Mastery Bundle for the special price of $67!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your parenting journey.


Mum of 4 year old

"Nina is an amazing facilitator and has wonderful insight into all areas of mindful parenting.... she has exceptional knowledge and wisdom to help manage the chaos that is parenting, and just life in general.”

A little bit about me....

Calm mum Nina holds a card that says "I am calm"

Hi, I'm Nina, a mindful mum to three loud, boisterous little boys, and a certified Mindful Parenting Coach.

I can totally appreciate how tough parenting is - two years ago, I was a struggling mama who was feeling run down, exhausted and fed up with this 'mum life'.

I was sick of my kids not listening to me, sick of them fighting, and sick of the all the yelling coming out of my mouth.

I felt guilty every single night. Feeling like I had let myself down, let my kids down. Feeling bad about my ‘poor parenting decisions’. Not knowing how I was ever going to get out of this continual rut of guilt, yelling and negativity.

I realised that something needed to change so I enrolled in a Mindful Parenting Course - the very same course that I am now certified to teach to other parents!

This program has had such a profound impact on my life and had such a positive impact on me and my family that I just have to share some of the little known secrets that I have learnt with other parents.

I hope to introduce you to some of the skills and tools to allow you keep your calm for longer and build strong connected relationships with your children - I am so excited to share them with you!​

Act now and secure your spot in the Mindful Parenting Foundations Mastery Bundle! Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to elevate your parenting journey, gain invaluable tools!


Click below to enrol today and unlock the secrets to mindful and harmonious parenting - Claim your spot now and embark on a transformational journey with us!

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