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5 Day Mindfulness Challenge

About this Masterclass

5 Days to a Calmer You! Join me for just 10 minutes a day and see yourself TRANSFORM after 5 days! Do you constantly feel like a screaming hot mess and can't understand why this parenting gig is so damn hard? Are you overwhelmed? Yelling more at your kids than you'd like to admit? Sick of all the angry feelings swirling inside of you? I know exactly how you feel - because I was there my friend! But you know what? Things can change! I am here to show you how you can get your-calm-self back! You can become the cool, calm and connected parent that you always dreamed you would be - the elusive zen parent! Join me for this FREE 5-day mindfulness challenge and see for yourself the positive changes that occur for yourself and your family.


7 Plans Available, From A$20.00/month

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