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Mindful Parenting Foundations Mastery Bundle

About this Masterclass

Unlock the secrets to a calmer and more connected parenting journey with our Mindful Parenting Foundations Mastery Bundle. This exclusive bundle combines two transformative masterclasses, the "Big Feelings Masterclass" and the "Calmer Lifestyle Masterclass." Gain valuable insights, practical tools, and expert guidance to empower yourself as a parent and create a harmonious family environment. Bonus: Magic Mindfulness Ball worth $19.95 (Available for July Purchases and Australian Residents Only!) As a special bonus for purchasing the Mindful Parenting Foundations Mastery Bundle during the month of July, you'll receive a complimentary Magic Mindfulness Ball. This fun and interactive tool will engage both parents and children in mindfulness practices, promoting relaxation and connection within the family. Pricing: Individually, each masterclass is priced at $37. Mindful Parenting Mastery Bundle: Get both masterclasses for the special price of $67! Plus, receive the Magic Mindfulness Ball (value $19.95) as a bonus for July purchases.



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