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Create your own Calm Down Bottle!


Shake and be mesmerised as the bottle contents swirl and make a slow descent helping your little one to calm their breath, self-regulate and improve focus.


All the creative elements are supplied to create a sensory bottle perfect for your child.


Just add water and a dash of washing up liquid and it's ready to go! You can refill and resue the sensory bottle for endess creative options!


Perfect for encouraging open ended sensory play.


Reuse, refill, recreate, relax and enjoy!

DIY Calm Down Bottle



    • Assists with self regulation
    • Calm busy minds
    • Helps with big emotions and worries
    • Calms anxiety and stress
    • Boredom buster


    • Bottle caps are made from non toxic food grade silicone.
    • Each theme comes with glitter and crafts
    • Quiet and durable

    Shipping costs are based on weight of items and start from $9.70. 

    If you live in the Perth Metropolitan area you can arrange to pick up your items from Mindful Parenting Lifestyle.

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