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This workbook is a resource that will help create a daily habit of mindfulness. You will learn tools and tips to swap chaos to calm, prioritise yourself, enjoy moments of peace and support your mental wellbeing.


Whether you are at the very beginning of your mindfulness training, or years into your mindfulness journey, this workbook is perfect for all levels of participants. 


During your journey of working through the workbook, you will feel supported, fulfilled and inspired to make small changes every day.


After just thirty days, the aim is that you will notice a significant and positive transformation in your mental health, wellbeing and outlook on life. We have even included a helpful pre- and post- completion quiz to help you see the real impact and benefits to your life!

Women’s Mindfulness Workbook



    • Brings peace, love, joy and positivity 
    • Reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression
    • Improve attention and concentration
    • Improve emotional intelligence and self-regulation
    • Increase engagement in learning
    • Enhance kind, compassionate and grateful attitudes
    • Enhance brain function
    • Improve self-confidence and positive thinking


    • Each daily 2-page opening includes positive thinking,  mindful stretching, heartfulness or mindfulness activity, check-in, gratitude, mindful breathing, a daily focus (teaching the theory of mindfulness) a practical activity linked to the daily focus; and highlights of the day

    Shipping costs are based on weight of items and start from $9.70. 

    If you live in the Perth Metropolitan area you can arrange to pick up your items from Mindful Parenting Lifestyle.

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