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5 Top Tips for Keeping Sane with Sick Children

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

I'm not going to lie; I struggled this week.

All of my kiddies were sick at one time or another, they decided tag team, so as soon as one recovered, the next one was sick. To top it off, Mr. 2 hasn't been transitioning well to his 'big boy bed' and some nights he wakes up 5+ times. I mentioned to my husband that I was feeling like I was in the newborn phase again 😴!

Here's my top 5 tips for keeping sane with sick children:

  1. Self-care is so important. What's the old saying - put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others. For me, this looked like making sure I was eating proper meals, or at least meals with some kind of 'goodness' in them. Easy meals like fish, chips and corn cob, or spaghetti bolognaise. Extra fruit or vegie sticks during the day, and the old goodie - lots of water. It also meant that even though the kids were sick, I still went on my scheduled runs, I still enjoyed my TV at the end of the day, and I still completed my daily mindfulness practice. If you find that things are getting on top of you, plan a movie afternoon, order takeaway, call in reinforcements!

  2. Let your kids guide you. If your kids are sick, most likely they won't want to get dressed, eat much or do much. So just let them stay in their jarmies and let them guide you on how much activity they feel like doing. Mr. 5 loved the opportunity to sit on the couch and watch some TV, whereas Mr. 2 wanted to play (a lot) of Lego. Mr. 3 on the other hand was content to swap between TV and jigsaw puzzles. As long as I stayed nearby and was there if they needed me, that was enough. Similarly, take their lead on how much they eat. If they don't feel like sitting at the table, let them eat on the couch (who cares really?) I would also suggest having a little 'goodies' tray near them - with a bottle of water, crackers, cheese, fruit etc so that they can help themselves when they feel up to it.

  3. Don't sweat the small stuff. If the washing doesn't get done for a few days, that's ok. If the floors need a vacuum, that's ok. If the kitchen bench is covered in so much cr*p that you can't see it, that's ok too (yep that was me!). Also, if your kids fall asleep on the couch, let them sleep and have a rest yourself! You don't have to be on the move doing things all day, even if you feel well enough to.

  4. Keep up constant communication with your partner. Having sick kids at home can be very stressful - especially if you have to take time off work to look after them. Make sure that you and your partner touch base each day to check in with each other. Having a 'teammate' in these challenging situations is always beneficial for everyone.

  5. Celebrate when it's over. Once everyone is back to their normal selves, back at school or day care, take the time to congratulate for getting through. For me, I went to the shops and bought myself a lovely bunch of flowers to put on my work desk (now that I can work again!) Celebrate with your family by having a special "we all feeling better" play at the park or trip out. Or even just a picnic in the back yard.

Well, there are my tips for ways to help keep sane with sick children. I hope that they can help you next time you are at home with a sick child!

Do you have any other suggestions to add to this list? I'd love to hear them. Comment below or send me a message on social media.

Until next time,


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